2019 - 2020 Youth Tech Innovators Project

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Youth Tech Innovators Project.pdf   CICS-2020 YTI Flyer.pdf

2019 Class Photo

Class-IMG4106.JPG Class-IMG4140.JPG Class IMG 4104 .JPG
Class-IMG4148.JPG Class-IMG4149.JPG Class-IMG4188.JPG
Class-IMG4193.JPG Class-IMG4202.JPG Class-IMG4217.JPG

2019 Class Video

Class-IMG4276.JPG Class-IMG4286.JPG Class-IMG4344.JPG
Class-IMG4395.JPG Class-IMG4422.JPG Class-IMG4509.JPG
Class-IMG4519.JPG IMG 2LED.png Class-IMG4496.JPG
IMG TeslaCoil.png IMG Hologram.jpeg

2019 Class Video

2020 Class Photo

3D Modelling: computer 3D software and 3D pen (2020 Jan - Mar)
Photo 2020-01-25 4 56.jpg CMEE4K 3D class.png
Photo 2020-01-25 3 38.jpg Photo 2020-01-25 4 10.jpg

Python, Introduction to AI, Zoom meeting on Computer Networking (2020 Mar - May)
CMEE4K Python AI.png CMEE4K Zoom meeting.png