2019 - 2020 meeting and projects

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The topics will be covered in 2019-2020 meeting.
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2019 calendar

2019 Sep
Date Content Remark / Discuss
2019 Sep 28 Orientation: Introduce everyone, the meeting style, distribute material.
Robotic, Electronic, and Circuit
2019 Oct 5, 19,
26, and Nov 2

Oct 12 is holiday
Build Robot Arm (kit)
Ref: DIY Robotic kits page

Robotic manufacturing
  1. YouTube: With AI, Engineers will have to be more emotional. First 15 sec about Robot.
  2. YouTube: The Robot Revolution: Automation Comes into Fashion - World is moving to Robotic manufacturing. First 1 min out of 6 min video.
  3. YouTube: China's High-Stakes Robot Wars The other side of the world. This is 10 min. Let look from 1:00 - 3:00.
  1. YouTube: Servo Motor vs Stepper Motor 2018 First 20 sec
  2. YouTube: Technical animation: How a Servo Motor works First 30 sec
    • Weight
    • Power to operate
    • Cost to build

YouTube: 2019-Nov-02 Alex Tse presents Degree of freedom (DOF) video

2019 Nov 9 & 16 Ohm Law (Voltage, Current, Resister), Power / Watt, electronic components

YouTube: Introduction to circuits and Ohm's law | Circuits | Physics | Khan Academy

Explain the [ Breadboard ]
YouTube: 2 LED Flasher, NE555 LED flasher, Flashing police lights, 4017 LED circuit projects

  1. 2 Transistors LED Flasher web page
    Circuit diagram Visualization 2N2222 Pinout
    Two LED Circuit.jpg Two-LED-Circuit.jpeg 2N2222-Pinout.jpg
  2. YouTube Build 2 LED flusher slides show, [ Build Guide ], Uses 2N2222 transistor: pinout E B C
  3. YouTube Build 2 LED flusher, Uses BC547 transistor: pinout C B E
  4. NE555 LED Flasher, Circuit, [ Build Guide ]
  5. Flashing Police Lights, Circuit
  6. YouTube: 555 Piano, Circuit, Better circuit

CanaKit General Assembly Guide frontpage.jpg   CanaKit General Assembly Guide backpage.jpg

2019 Nov 23 & 30
Dec 7 & 14
Explain DC and AC. Magnetic field, coil, induction, and frequency

  • Nikola Tesla with his equipment
    AC, Induction Motor, mechanical oscillators/generators, electrical discharge tubes, early X-ray imaging, wireless lighting, worldwide wireless electric power distribution, high-frequency power experiments, and wireless communication.

Additional URL

No time to cover the following topics
N/A Arduino programming
  • Learn about variables, if-then-else, while-loop, and functional calls.
  • Learn how to implement math equation into program functional calls.
  • Teach Algebra formula, problem solving skill, & logical expression.
N/A Video editing, learn to make a short video Use Shotcut and demo some video products.
N/A Use Chladni Plate and Oscilloscope to demo the frequency and waveform Learn Sine, Cosine, and Tangent relationship in Trigonometry, Frequency
N/A Instructables Wearable Electronics Class [ URL ], [ PDF file ]

2019-Dec-8: The 2020 rescheduled / topic page is moved to 2020 meeting and projects

2020 calendar

2020 Jan
Date Content Remark / Discuss
3D Modelling and Related Technologies
2020 Jan 11 & 18 3D Pen, Printer, and modelling
  • Use 3D Pen to create handcraft object.
  • Download 3D model, introduction of 3D printer
  • Learn TinkerCAD to create 3D model
2020 Jan 25 Scan 3D model and editing.
2020 Feb 1 Introduction of blender.
It is also the summary of the previous 3D meeting
2020 Feb 8 CNC cutter and laser engraving We have one equipment, so it is demo only.
Computer Science and Programming Language independent lessons
2020 Feb 15 Binary logic; NOT, AND, OR, XOR, Digital symbols and circuit (Gates).

True table, digital binary number system, Adder, Shift, and 2's complement calculation.

We can use breadboard to show the circuit.
2020 Feb 22 Ardunio with different sensors For advance coding such as connect Ardunio to step motors.
2020 Feb 29 Python programming
2020 Mar 7 & 14 Introduction of Data Analysis and (AI) Inference Engine.
2020 Mar 21 Development tools: Debugger, Version Control (Git), and Branching This is March Break weekend.
2020 Mar 28 & Apr 4 Introduction of computer network (Internet): WAN, LAN, WiFi, DNS, EMail, HTTP, TCP/IP.
Simple Email Flow, Another Mail Flows picture
This are the complex topics.
2020 Apr 11 Introduction to Linux, working with Linux, Vi editor This is Easter weekend.
2020 Apr 18 & 25
  • What is an Email? How an email is sent, delivery, and received?
  • HTML, Tomcat, HTTP protocol, JavaScript
  • CGI programming, JavaScript, JS library, Node.js
This are the complex topics.
Virtual and Cloud computing
2020 May 2 Virtual machine & Docker O'Reilly Cloud Native Infrastructure PDF book
2020 May 9 Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Cloud Computing Guest Speaker
Feedback and What is Next?
2020 May 16 Prepare for the final showcase
2020 May 23 Showcase from the members

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