CMEE4K 2019 material and ownership

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CMEE4K 2019-2020 tools and equipment

  • The tools and equipment, keeping them in Welcome Centre. The Multimeter is replaced XL830L model.

CMEE4K 2019 Equipment.jpg Multimeter ScrewDriver.jpg

Parts and material from Welcome Centre

  • This is the Robotic Arm kit and Tesla coil kit. It will be distribute these 2 kits for each member.

RobotArm kits.jpg

  • At the end of sessions, member will return the following Robotic Arm, Ardunio board, cables, breadboard, and Tesla Coil.

RobotArm Ardunio.jpg TesiaCoil.png

Member can keep the following items

  • Member can keep the items (in the photo).

CMEE4K Member Keep.jpg