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Member's basic Equipment

This is the 2019-2020 equipment package.

Tool and equipment
Content From Bill Unit Cost
Working board N/A Free
Recycle Bag $24.86/22 $1.13
Safty glass $9.99*10*Tax/20 $5.64
Two screwdrivers - Phillips and Slot $37.29/22 + $2.71 $4.40
Three Cutter and Long-nose Pliers set $219.78*Tax/22 $11.28
Metal Ruler (1 feet long) $43.78*Tax/22 $2.24
Cutte $15.59/22 $0.70
Soldering iron, support stand, and tin wire Unit $9.48 $9.48
Adjustable Power Adapter Supply: 4 - 24V 2.5A 60W $237.46/20 $11.87
DT9205A Multimeter Unit $11.69 $11.69
Total $58.43
CMEE4K Member Equipment 2019.JPG Multimeter ScrewDriver.jpg
Robot and Electronic Kits
Content From Bill Unit Cost
4DOF Robotic Arm Unit $36.89 $36.89
Mini Tesla Coil Plasma Speaker Electronic Kit Unit $9.51 $9.51
YouSu Idrawing 3D Printing Pen - Deep Sky Blue Unit $24.02 $24.02
Total $70.42

Total: $58.43 + $70.42 = $128.85

The small components are not included into the billing list :
2019 Electronic Component.JPG

Bring your own computer

If possible, bring your laptop (either Windows or Mac). And, please install the following free software into your computer.

Free Software
Name Type Download URL (select 64 bit version if possible)
Shotcut Video Editing
Ardunio IDE Integrated Development Environment
Autodesk Tinkercad 3D module tool Microsoft Store:
Python 3.7+ Computer Programming Language
Git Version Control tool
Vim Programming Editor Vim
OpenOffice Office Suite
This is a big application which will take some disk space.

2019 Bills collection

Previous note: for reference only

Each member should bring his/her equipments

Content Picture Remark
Bring their laptop computer Win7 / Win10 / Mac, WiFi, and USB port
  • USB Wall Charger (2A or higher output)
  • 4 USB Charger (6.8A output)

USB Wall Charger 4 USB Charger

  • Some small electronic equipment comes with a small USB charger.
    • Looking for these 2A version. In general, their side is little bit bigger (see the picture).
  • This 4 USB Charger is $49.99 from Canadian Tire.
    • Father's day sales (Jun 6 - Jun 9) is $17.49.
  • Basic tools
    • Safety Glass - must wearing if we are working in the meeting.
    • Screwdriver - small set
    • Cutter and Long-Nose Plier - small set
    • Cutter and Rule (8"-12")
Basic tool set Recommendation:
  • Wait for On-Sale from Canadian Tire, Homedepot, Rona these hardware stores.
  • For safety glass, get the clear and light weight version.
    • If you wear glass, for this club, it is good enough.
  • Get the small set of screwdrivers which have handle.
    • Most of time, we only need Phillips and Slot screwdrivers.
  • For ruler, utility knife, cutter and Long-Nose Plier - compare the hardware stores and dollar store.
  • To store and protect the projects,
    please bring a shoe-box, or Tool box.
Here is an example Tool box from Canadian Tire
  • A Soldering iron
Soldering Iron Gearbest Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron 110V Adjustable
Soldering Iron Inside Hot Soldering Iron Switch Set 60W
  • MultiMeter
Multimeter Gearbest DT9205A Handheld Digital Multimeter - Bright Yellow
Misc: Prepare the component packages

2 Sessions per year

Session: 2019 Sep - Dec, and Session: 2020 Jan - May

  • Recruit 10 - 20 Grade 9 - 11 members.
  • Let them learn and experience with the basic projects.
  • Train this group to be the future Lead members.

After 2 sessions (first year)

  • Some Leads will guide the members in the next cycle (next year).
    • They can also be the administrator of the CMEE4K club.
  • Some Leads can work on their own interested project.

Next cycle

  • Some members will concentrate their high school (Grade 11 - 12) courses for preparing University.
  • Some members will become Lead / Admin of the club.
    • Continue to guide the next group of new members.

Club Grow Structure.png