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This are the projects in our initial plan. We need to adjust the time slot (# of meeting) and details to fit into 2019-2020 schedule.
Please refer to [ 2019 - 2020 meeting and projects ] for the latest project plan.

Sep - Dec

  • Use Oscilloscope and Frequency generator
    • Use Speaker to generate wave
    • Mix frequency
    • Mix Sound becomes Note, mix Notes, tempo becomes music
    • This is wave experiment, no cost
  • Change / enhance Robot Arm coding
    • Arduino coding
    • Development program is freeware: no cost
    • Arduino board is from the 4 DOF Robot Arm no additional cost

Jan - May

3D Modelling
  • 3Doodle 3D pen
    (free hand drawing)
    We have seven 3D pen to share no cost
  • YouSu Idrawing 3D Printing Pen
    • It costs ~ $28
  • We found a very useful usage of 3D Pen in Teaching
    • We switch from LED Cube project to the 3D Pen
      which allows our members to create more interest stuff.
  • 3D Printing
    We have 3 small 3D printer
    Each member can print a small object.
    Filament cost ~ $5+ (For both 3D Pen and 3D Printing)

Each member can print a small object.
Filament cost is included in above.

  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
    CNC is for cutting something out (wood or plastic)
    No cost to use the machine
    Material is not expensive.
Estimate the cost of materials (2019 May)
Material Cost
DOF Robot Arm Kit $40
LED, Transistor, wires $2-$4
Tesla Coil Kit $10
Adjustable Power Adapter Supply $18
YouSu Idrawing 3D Printing Pen $28
Filament $5+
Total ~$110
  • The members pay and own them.
    • Members can take them HOME.
  • CMEE4K is a Non-Profit club.
    • Here are the payments for material.

We bought some material before 2019 July, see [ 2019 Bills collection ]

Advance topics

The following software are free to download. No cost

  • Introduction of computer network: WAN, LAN, Internet, WiFi, DNS, EMail, HTTP, TCP/IP
  • Computer languages: C, C++, Python
  • Build ELK and use it to collect Social media information
  • Tessertact OCR - from document image to text / PDF file
  • Linux server
  • KVM
  • VirtualBox
  • Docker
  • Apache
  • Ngix
  • CGI

The following are more advance topics

When some of our members can understand the above Computer Science topics. We can consider to create Special Interest Group (SIG) for the following:

  • Build LAMP
    • Install a CentOS from the beginning
    • Install Apache and PHP
      • Write a static HTML web page
    • Write a dynamic page with PHP, Python
  • DB and DB Scheme design
  • Software Configuration Manager (SCM)
    • What is DevOps? And, the common DevOps tools
      • Jira, Confluence, git, may be Bamboo/Jenkins, Ant/Makefile, ..., Ansible
      • SDLC, Agile, etc

Self Discover topics

LED Cube

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