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We like to meet once a weekday from 6:30/45 PM - 8:30/45 PM (20 min break in-between) or Sat 10:30 AM - 12:00 Noon from Sep to May.


We are looking for three possible location:

  1. Rejected
  2. We may face the same issue as Gibson Centre.
  3. Indirect rejected


  1. FCCM
    • Langham Square, Kennedy and Castan Ave, Markham (T&T supermarket)
    • They are very busy with Taste of Asia. We will return to them after June.
  2. City of Markham
    • Aaniin Community Centre 5665 14th Avenue, Markham, Ontario, L3S 3K5
      • Rejected: Weekday evening and Sat
      • Fejected: Stacey-Anne CMEE4K has conflict with City of Markham STEM program
    • Angus Glen 3990 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Markham, Ontario, L6C 1P8
      • Possible same as Aaniin. Jul 3, we sent a request to Katherine Oberkirsch to request room rental information.
    • Try other City of Markham facility
      • We contacted their staff, and explained our activities. If CMEE4K is overlay with city provided activities / functions, then they won't approve the rental.
      • Leave our contact to the coordinator, wait for respond. It is not as easy to rent a room

      Getting Nowhere

  1. MeetUp web page. However, this is only for calling meeting, not for find a space.
  2. Scouter Canada. Scouter is aiming for general STEM, and only for scouts.
  3. YMCA Rudy Bratty Center Send request to Beth Morgan (GM)
    • YMCA does not support regular booking. The meeting room is for 10/12 peoples. $25/hr.


  1. Jun-6: Logos Baptist Church (Milliken) retry again and Rejected, not related to church
  2. Jul-3: Submitted a Facility Rental Information Request Submission confirmation number is 225089545282
  3. Welcome Centre Immigrant Services - Markham South 迎新中心移民服務處 (Denison/Kennedy)
    • Jul 5, Having phone conference with Michael Chen <>. Their planning cycle starts on Aug, they will return to us on mid-Aug.
    • Space is not a problem, but they used to provide a completely free program.
  4. FCCM 萬錦市加華聯會
    • They are very busy with other program. We will return to them after Aug 3.
    • They like to discuss the charging scheme, and how to share these fee with them.
  5. York Catholic District School Board Classroom,
    • We submitted this Apply form on 2019-Jun-20. We want to book the weekday evening, it is much cheaper then Sat.
    • York Catholic District School Board, Community Use of Schools
      • Deadline of Renewal Permit Application: Jan 1, 2019, New application will be accepted as Feb 1, 2019
  6. CCM Canada 中信中心
    • Jul-10. Give hard copy of web pages to Winnie Ng 416-291-8140
    • Their young may not able to effort the material cost $110.
      • Can we find sponsor to pay for the material?
      • They will charge the min admin fee.
    • They are very busy on Sat.
      • If we can resolve the material cost issue, they will try to fit us into Sat.
  7. Chinese Culture Center 中華文化中心
    • Get phone# 416-292-9293 and a name: Lillian.
    • Jul-13. Give hard copy of web pages to Simon Ip x233
    • Weekday evening should be OK or Sat 10:30 AM (20 ppl Room)
    • Their room is used to rent for 4 hours. They will consider 2 hours for us.
    • RM 216: $60 Wed, $68 Sat * 32 = $2,176
    • RM 229: $52 Wed, $60 Sat * 32 = $1,920 x 1.13 = $2,169 + (2.03 x 32 =) $64.96 = $2,233.96
      • 10% discount for more than 6 months rental = ~$2,010 / 15 = 134.03 per member.
  8. Angus Glen 3990 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Markham, Ontario, L6C 1P8
    • Jul-8: Got a call from Katherine (Angus Glen Community Centre).
    • She will forward our request to her manager, and Angus Glen library.
    • Jul-11. Get an email from Valentina (Angus Glen Library). Reply email to book Room G/H for the coming Sep.
    • Jul 15, Valentina Salvalaggio reply: We can book Room G/H on Thur evening from Sep-Dec. $36.33 + HST + $2.03 liability insurance per session = $43.08
    • $43.08 x 32 = $1,378. Divided 15 = $91.90 per member.

2010-July-25 and Aug-1 update

  • Put Angus Glen on the side because we found better venue below.
  • We have contract to book CCC Room 229, the contract is $1,920 for 32 meeting (for 15 members).
    • It is $60 per 2 hrs (Sat 10:30 - 12:30) and no tax, no insurance. ~$128 per members.
    • We defer to sign the contract in mid-Aug.
  • We visited Welcome Centre on July 27 (Sat) & Aug 2 (Fri). Currently arrangement:
    • They can offer no charge space for every Sat 1 PM - 3 PM.
    • There will be 16-20 newcomer youth and 4-5 citizens/other statuses.
    • They will raise $1200 for the program based on a materials cost of $60 (per person) for 20 participants.
      • We will talk about safety glasses and basic tools.
      • To avoid any cases of a social divide, all participants will loan the purchased equipment from the Welcome Centre.
    • Staff will create a promotional flyer using the Welcome Centre branding for outreach/promotion.
  • In FCCM reply email, for the room rental, they will charge $45/hr and 2 hour minimum each.
    • It means $90 per week, $2,880 + Tax.
    • If we assume 20 members, then each member will pay $144.
    • We won't consider FCCM.


  1. Ellesmere Community Centre, 20 Canadian Rd, Scarborough, ON M1R 4B4, (416) 396-5536
  2. Markham Wesley Center: not started
  3. David Mok church: not started

2019-Aug-2 update

Confirmed the partnership with Welcome Centre (WC)

  • WC will raise fund for Robotic Arm, a kit, and buy some filaments
  • CMEE4K will provide the basic tools for members. They will put $40 deposit for the usage.

2019-Sep-12 update

Get a reply from Heather Perantinos <> for YCDSB Permit Application #57384

  • We was applying 1 hour classroom for every Thu evening from 2019 Sep to 2020 May. 34 weeks in total.
  • Since we have not register as a non-profit club, we need to pay
    • $21.56/hour x 34 = $733.04
    • Processing fee: $50.00
    • Insurance: $91.00
  • Total: $874.04 + HST = $987.66
  • In email, we asked her : what is the rate for non-profit org, what is the rate for Sat, can we start on 2020-Jan?


City of Markham Facility

General Liability Insurance

Anyone renting space at the Library is required to carry General Liability Insurance. This coverage is for the protection of the facility renter, Markham, Markham Public Library and all those participating in the use of the facility during the rental. You will be required to produce a liability insurance certificate in the amount of $2,000,000 per occurrence, including full participant coverage and naming Markham and Markham Public Library as additional insured. If you cannot produce the required certificate, you may purchase the required insurance at a nominal cost through a third party provider as arranged by the City of Markham. 34 meeting from 2019 Sep - 2020 May. The insurance cost is an estimation.

  • For 15 people room: $28.93 + $41.33 = $70.26 + insurance ~ $80
  • For 40 people room: $29.20 + $42.00 = $71.20 + insurance ~ $80

Since we will start with 20 members, base on the above calculation, we should go for 40 people room. The rental cost is ~$80 per members.

We found two different information about the Facility Rental.

1. City of Markham Rental information

Renting Space   Facility Rental Information Request form

Halls & Meeting Rooms

Our halls and meeting rooms come in a variety of sizes with features ranging from fireplaces to kitchen access to auditorium-quality stages. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect venue for your special event. For hall and meeting room information, call:

  • West area (Thornhill): 905.944.3800
  • East area (Markham Village, Centennial and Mount Joy): 905.470.3590
  • East area (Cornell Community Centre): 905.479.7753
  • North area (Unionville): 905.944.3777
  • South East area (Armadale and Rouge River): 905.474.1007
  • South West area (Milliken): 905.477.6410

2. City of Markham Facility Booking page

This is another City of Markham Facility Booking page (only for next 30 days).
Online Booking Instructions

  1. Sign in with your Client ID and Family PIN. (If you do not have an account set up, please call the contact centre at 905-475-4731)
  2. Select your preferred date and click 'submit'. Note you will only be able to view 7 days in advance.
  3. Choose your time - booking times are listed by date/time/location
  4. Select the 'add' button.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to go through the checkout and make your payment where applicable

Additional rental information

Indoor Soccer Fields

Markham has two indoor soccer fields that can also be used for various events. For indoor soccer field information, call:

  • Milliken Soccer Dome: 905.477.6410, extension 3336
  • Mount Joy Field: 905.470.3590, extension 4335
  • Full season rentals: 905.477.7000, extension 2898 or

Indoor turf available for rent from 11 PM to midnight throughout the week and Saturday afternoons. Please email or call 905.477.7000 extension 2898 for rates and booking.

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