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Become CMEE4K Lead (volunteer)


  • Carry on the mission
  • Planning the activities
  • Promotion
  • Order parts
  • Project base guidance

About us: Volunteers

This is the current volunteer list

CMEE4K club road map

Previous (before 2020) road map

Member Structure
Group Tasks Remark
Grade 9 - 11 First group of members in the first year Prepare as future leader
Grade 9 - 11 Guide Grade 7 - 8 activities after the first year They become the leader
Grade 7 - 8 Following instruction and have fun Discover their interest

Club Grow Structure.png

2020 road map

We are switching our direction

  • Aim for beginner.
  • Family activity. Participant should be 12 and above since we will handle small electronic components.
  • Parent involvement is highly recommended.

Additional Information

Fundraising 2020

During COVID-19, this activity is cancelled.
When we try to book a meeting room, we have encountered some social service organizations such as

Their clients (youths) are from lower income family, and cannot effort a laptop and the material cost. However, they are the most need-to-help young generation. Right now (2019 Jul), CMEE4K is just starting up, we don't have track record and enough resources to handle any fundraising for these youth. Here is our future plan:

  1. Register a non-profit CMEE4K organization so that we have providing the tax reduction form, and sign high school student volunteer hours.
  2. Ask someone to donate their old 64-bits laptop.
    • Refresh it with Ubuntu which can support Arduino IDE, Shotcut video editor, support different programming languages, browser, LAMP, DB.
  3. Fundraising: the material cost.
    • Try Kick Starter site
    • Spread the news to different groups for support
    • Create media: Presentation and Video from our regular meeting.
    • Teaching adult class and charge higher cost.