Compare CMEE4K and Fairchild TV Timeline Magazine: Engineering Class

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First, watch this 10 min Youtube video (from Fairchild TV Timeline Magazine Jun 19, 2019: Engineering_class with English subtitle).
In this page, we use this term "ENGR_Class" to refer to that Engineering Class described in Fairchild TV program.
Note: The following is based on the observation from the Fairchild TV program.

Why we compare CMEE4K and ENGR_Class?

CMEE4K and ENGR_Class have so many things in common. It is easy to explain them with the comparison method.

STEM club Yes, both are STEM club, and both are concentrating in Computer, Robotic, and Electric Engineering.
> Computer Both teaching computer programming languages. CMEE4K will covers Network concept, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), and Email.
> Engineering Both have robotic, build circuit with electronic components, and soldering.
> Common subjects Study science, mathematics; apply and implement what they learned into their projects.
> Video Editing Learn video editing techniques. N/A, or not shown in the video.
> 3D Modelling
and CNC
Both clubs cover 3D modelling, 3D printer, and CNC (laser cutter).
CMEE4K will use 3D Pen for free-hand modelling (more fun) and 3D scanner for more serious 3D modelling creation.
Goals and Methods
AIM Prepare kids and youths to study Computer Science and Engineering.
CMEE4K also aims to inspire the members to develop a lifetime hobby.
Approach Self-learn, self-discover, self-correct method, and instructors only assist the members.
Lead Instructors (volunteers) lead the first year.
Then, hopefully can switch to youth-led method.
Instructors (volunteers) with industry connection.
Age Group Grade 9 - 11 Primary and secondary school students.
# of members 15 - 20 In the video, it shows around 10 - 20 students.
Funding Private non-profit.
Members pay for their own material.
Members own and bring home all robots and kits.
Look like, it is a NGO.
Assuming: Government funding pays for the facility and material.
The students cannot bring the projects home.
Equipments Members bring their own computer, and all the small tools.
CMEE4K provides the equipment.
In the video, the club provides everything.
Assuming: government pays for all computers, material, equipment.
Venue Try to find a room (space) in City of Markham Community Center
Or, other community service organization.
In the video, look like they have a permanent facility (classrooms with computers),
and a fully equipped laboratory. Everyone is using a provided computer in the laboratory.
One hour per week Since it has permanent facility, and students doing everything in the laboratory,
they may have 1-2 official meetings per week, and few hours lab time in the weekend.