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About Jupyter

Project Jupyter


Free Cloud Hosting

There are several cloud service providers that offer free Jupyter hosting. You will need to sign up for an account on their services. These free accounts are limited in their resources, but are good enough to play around with the basics. If you want more resources, you will need to pay them.

Free Public Data Sets

Our Sample code

  • YouTube: Anconda Tutorial, Jupyter and DataScience sample code (Notebook) ~7 min video
    • In the above samples, one Notebook is using Tensorflow and Neural Net to learn hand-written digital, and then recognize the input test sample.
  • YouTube: Tesseract OCR software demo
    • Use case: Tesseract OCR provides a set of pre-learned files. It can recognize printed text (not hand-writing) from a set of image files. It can recognize English, Chinese, French, and another languages. It can convert the images with the recognized text (embedded) into PDF file.