Mission Statement

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  • Lifetime learning
  • Come to share our experience

About us

CMEE4K (Computer Math Electrical Engineering for Kids)

  • CMEE4K is a non-profit STEM club concentrated in Computer, Robotic, and Electrical Engineering.
    • We are a volunteer club.
    • All the courses are free.
    • Participant will pay for the course material. OR, participant can use their own parts.
      • We only collect the cost of the material and we will list the parts in our web page.
  • Club members
    • Everyone above 12 since we will handle some small components.
    • Family activity. Parents involvement is highly recommended. (Playing with their kids as family activity).
  • During COVID-19, we will use Zoom meeting.
  • Our volunteers mainly locate in Markham, Ontario, Canada
    • Our meetings will base on EST time zone.

Previous Activity

2019 - 2020, we join venture with CICS in a [ Youth Tech Innovators Project ].

  • We met every Saturday afternoon for 2 ~ 2.5 hours.
  • The meetings were hold inside CICS Markham facility.
  • Our meeting had 12 ~ 18 youth.
  • We covered many topic: [ 2019-2020 Jan ] and [ 2020 ] sessions.
  • Since COVID-19, we switched to Zoom meeting.

Our Mission Statement(s)

  • Kick-starting the youth’s motivation of learning new technologies.
  • Kick-start innovation through experience.
  • Provide the tools and guidance that allow all youths to experience and learn new technologies.
  • Giving students a chance to learn new technology for themselves and for others.
  • To foster an interest of learning new technology their own way.
  • Learning from fail and share mistakes.

What does CMEE4K do?

  • Provide the technology for the youth to experience
  • Foster an interest in learning technology
  • Kick-start the youth’s interest of learning new technologies

How does CMEE4K fulfill our mission?

  • Provide samples of new innovative technology that can inspire learning
  • Provide guidance and open space instead of lectures to inspire creativity
  • Promote experimentation with the given tools through motivation and examples
  • Eventually, Volunteer teachers for the previous student base will take over the responsibilities


  • Children should understand how new technology works to help them adapt to a ever-evolving technologic society
  • This will not be another activity to babysit the youth, instead a space to encourage their own drive for learning technology
  • Less preparation, more motivation
  • Allowing students to naturally learn with their own pace and approaches

Topics Covered

  • 3D Modelling, 3D Printing, and simple CNC Programming
  • Computer Programming: main C++ and Python
  • Video Editing
  • Simple Electronic Circuit, and small projects
  • Robotics: small robotic arm

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