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Toronto GTA area commerce clubs / companies

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Non-Profit clubs

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CurioCity is powered by volunteers. Our passionate community of post-secondary students, professionals, researchers and industry experts are committed to reaching the next generation of innovators with cutting-edge STEM resources.
Canada2067 is a bold initiative to shape the future of science, technology, engineering and math learning. Together we are forging a national vision and roadmap to ensure young Canadians are prepared to compete, thrive and contribute in the rapidly changing world of tomorrow.

Is STEM class expensive?

The following are the STEM clubs /companies in GTA area, and their charging scheme.

Some clubs provide class material (robot kit or electronic components), but the students do not own them, they cannot bring them home.
For computer programming, some clubs provides PC, some clubs require students to bring their laptop machine.
Most STEM classes are paper and computer base unless the robotic classes.
Clubs or Companies Prices from their web site
[ Code-it Hacks Kids ] ~$700 / month (~$58 per week)
[ Smart Coding For Kids ] ~$400 / 8 weeks (~$49 per week)
[ Real Programming 4 Kids ] $750 ~ $2,000 for 4 months ($34 ~ $49 per hour)
[ Institute of Robotics & Intelligent Systems ] $150 ~ $190 per month ($37 ~ $47 per class)
[ Robotic club for kid ] $86 - $100 for 6 weeks. Good deal.
[ TechZenik ] $30 per 2 hours.
[ Sylvan of Unionville ] $49+ per hour, $150 per month, or $99 for STEM programs

We have encountered different STEM clubs and companies

  • Very high-end. IB Program, 200+ school members, 20+ very active student leaders. Design & build their own robot to join North America competition (go to US city). Have their own workshop with water cutting metal and CNC machines.
  • Commercial companies. Charge around $40 per hours.
    • Most of them teach very simple computer programming language training. The rest teaching C, C++, PHP, Python, & Java.
    • Assemble robot in-class, learn to program the robot, but cannot bring them home. The students can but these robot for ~$200+.
    • Most of them expect students bring their own computer.
  • NGO. No charge or only the administration fee.
    • Only teach simple computer programming language.
    • Assemble robot and learn to program them in class, but students cannot bring them home.
    • Expect students having fun in classroom hour. Don't prepare them as a hobby.
    • Some NGO don't even expect students to have any equipment.
  • Regular school STEM or Robotic club
    • In-between the 'very high-end' and NGO.
    • Most school have own workshop for students to practice.
    • All materials are owned by school unless the students buy them (not from school).

Some Observation

  1. Almost every club are using Arduino. It makes the students to think Arduino is a real computer.
  2. Most clubs are aiming to STEM Introduction within the classroom time. Life-time learning is up to the students.
  3. Only the IB program and one of the clubs offering CNC (Computer Numerical Control). We cannot find 3D modelling. However, some NGO mentioned 3D printing.
  4. No one teaching Operating System (Ex. Linux), Computer Networking, and Web Server. Some teach HTML (web page design), JavaScript, and video editing.

What is the minimum cost to learn Computer and Engineering?

  • If it is for 'seem but not able to expand', the 1-2 weekly classroom club is good enough. Most of the above clubs are in this mode except the IB program.
  • Only few clubs can provide their own workshop, then the students can learn much more. Therefore, the cost is from the clubs.
  • Otherwise, the minimum cost is to own a computer, some basic tools, soldering iron; buy some parts, components, & kits.

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