Raspberry Pi cluster

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  • Support up to 7 Pi Compute Module (CM) 1, 3, 3+
  • Issue in this release
    • CM3 is 1G DDR2 RAM, can up to 32GB eMMC memory $53.95, Not enough RAM
    • okdo 3+ 8G RAM US$30, V1 only support Max 7G RAM?
  • Support Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Serverless, Microservices
  • Platform: Minecraft, Plex, Tensorflow, Jupyter Notebook.
  • US $189 + $15 ship to Canada

Turing Pi v2


  • Support four CM4 Lite and 8G RAM version, it is cheaper then version 1
  • CM4 can have 1,2,4,8G DDR4, SD card or external eMMC (4G RAM, 32G eMMC, wireless $87.95)


  • 2021-Jan: Simon will wait for Turing Pi v2
  • 2021-Mar/May: YouTube review is not good, expansive and something about CM4.

Making my own cluster for K8S experiment


  • Buy 4 x RPi 4b 8G ~CAD $109 each. Plus Tax & shipping from BC, each costs ~CAD $125 = $500
  • Fan is very cheap ~CAD $10
  • 5V 10A Power Supply ~CAD $12-15
  • Network switch ~CAD $23
  • PVC + screw ~CAD $10
  • Making my own short 4 LAN cable ~CAD $4
  • 4 x 32G SD RAM for Ubuntu ~CAD $30

Total ~CAD $580 and my time (few hours and ~1 week wait for shipping)
RPi cluster.png

Buy RPi Rack Case?

2021-Jul Find this CAD $74.99 RPi Rack Case from Amazon.ca
I like this case, but it is too late. I already created my own. If I create another RPi cluster, I will but this one. It has 8 bays for RPi and hard disk, and I like the big LED fans.
GeeekPi RPi Cluster.jpg