How to join Internet as one of the router

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  • Find a business address
  • Subscribe to two Internet Service Provider (ISP): major or minor
  • In general, the line speed is not a major factor.
  • Both end-points must have static IP address.
  • Use either a router machine has two Network Interface Card (NIC).
  • or, a Linux machine has two NIC. Running Network router program.
  • Assign each NIC to each connection with static IP address.


  • The router program will board cast to its neighbour node, and join the dynamic routing program.
  • The traffic will begin to route to your router.
  • If your connection had a high bandwidth connection, more traffic will come.
  • If you have third NIC which connects to your company, companies, and some households, The router will route the traffic to them.
    • Now, you become an ISP for the peoples behind your router,

How can it be?

TCP/IP Network layer's dynamic routing is designed as automatic, and no control. As long as, your device(s) talking Network layer protocol, you can become part of network.