Setup Zoom app running on RPi x86 simulator

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A brief history of Zoom on RPi

  1. 2020 summer: Zoom (company) did not port Zoom (app) to RPi ARM architecture.
    • Zoom can run on RPi browser, but it is slow and very difficult to operate.
  2. 2021 summer: Zoom still not be ported into RPi.

Install Zoom app on Box86

YouTube: Zoom On The Raspberry Pi 4 - Super Easy Set Up

  • 2020 Oct 3, Zoom (app) is added into Box86 setup in PiKiss which can be executed on RPi.

Install PiKiss

Install Zoom

  • Menu > System Tools > PiKiss
  • Internet > Zoom

Execute Zoom

  • Either: /home/pi/apps/zoom/
  • Or: Menu > Internet > Zoom


In YouTube video, the author is using this 1080P Webcam with Microphone, USB Web Camera

  • Amazon US price is US $21.99. For Canadian, it will add US $8.90 Shipping (11 days), and after currency conversion ~ CAD $39.51
  • From Amazon CA, same web cam is CAD $51.68 (free shipping and 14-20 days).


  • Basically, it works but only simplify the start up app.
  • The logon and operation are same, still difficult for new user.
  • So far, the video works, need a better Mic to capture voice. (TBA)

Here is another YouTube Installing Zoom on Raspberry Pi with Box86]

  • He download Box86 & Zoom source code and recompile them.